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    Company retroactively cancelled insurance after I quit and kept premiums. What agency do I contact?

    I quit my previous job with Panasonic Avionics on February 27, 2011. I paid premiums for health insurance via payroll deduction for both January & February 2011. Now Aetna insurance is denying a claim for some prescriptions that my wife had filled on February 11, 2011. They are saying that Panasonic notified them that my benefits ended effective December 31, 2010. So basically, Panasonic retroactively cancelled my benefits but kept the premium payments for January & February. My thoughts are that they should either cover the charges or refund my January & February premiums. I cannot get anyone at either Panasonic or Aetna to correct this issue. What is the proper federal or state agency to contact in regards to this? I was working and living in California at the time but have moved to Tennessee.
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    You'd file a complaint with your state labor board, to get the premiums for January and February back. This would be the California state labor board, for your California employer.
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    • Contact EDD (the California Employment Development Department) to complain that your pay was withheld improperly. Be aware that most of EDD's staff is tied up with unemployment related issues and they have only limited resouces available for everything else. Contact the federal Department of Labor to complain about the ERISA violation (cancelling the insurance retroactively to before your end date without a valid reason).

      by StephenWeinstein - 14 hours ago

    • Aetna thru Ball Aerospace was responsible for having my disability and my insurance health coverage dropped and also was responsible for having me "involuntarily terminated" from my job because of their "over the phone" examination. I was terminated from my position at Ball Aerospace while I was on disability leave and was at the time considered an full time employee. Aetna is the worst insurance that I know of and hides behind Ball Aerospace in its excuses for not providing coverage and also for their involvement in terminating me for getting sick. Because of my health issues I believe Ball Aerospace along with Aetna hope I die before any of this gets resolved which is the same as murder. If you get sick while at Ball Aerospace expect to die if it is serious its what Ball Aerospace and Aetna want....

      by drakenfly - 14 hours ago

    • i just saw a story online for something that happened in the Chicago-land area.... the guy got arrested and it's not looking so good for him. http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2011/05/06/crystal-lake-businessman-arrested/ he didn't send medical insurance premiums deducted from his employee's checks to the medical carriers and then coverage was canceled.... and he used the money to pay for other things for the failing business.

      by Punkerjim - 14 hours ago

    • I agree. You complain to the Labor Board. But, you also need to make sure that you weren't suppose to sign up for insurance effective January 1 and failed to do so. That would be your error. Either way, you're correct. They can't keep your premium AND not give you coverage.

      by Insurance Pickle.com - 14 hours ago

    • never heard of that happening - you should have been covered thru Feb 28th and yes, if they DID cancel you @ 12/31 - you should get your portion of that premium back (less taxes if your contributed pre-tax) you may have to sue that employer

      by Zarg222 - 14 hours ago

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