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    Unemployment Benefits - Notice of Amended Unemployment Insurance Award mean?

    On May 9th I received a letter saying that I was denied benefits because my previous employer said that I quit, instead of being laid off. So I sent an appeal form saying that there is a misunderstanding with my company. My employer did not provide any written statements saying that I quit or was laid off. But I work for a security company and their contract ended. Today on May 12, I received another letter NOTICE OF AMENDED UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE AWARD. Doesn't this mean that I am now eligible or approved? EDD is really confusing me right now. I read other forums and questions. But I am not able to understand, what exactly is this means..?
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    "Amended" means change. The words "notice of amended unemployment insurance award" mean only that something was changed. It does not mean whether the change was what you want or it was something else. It only means that there was a change. You have to read the rest of the letter (or post it here) to see what was changed. You might be eligible/approved, or you might not. That information is in the rest of the letter. The part that you posted here is not the part with that information.
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    • No, it doesn't. It means they changed something, but you didn't state - and maybe the letter didn't state - what exactly they changed.

      by mbrcatz - 6 hours ago

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