Dear Sir,

I am IRDA Licence holder form 2007.

My name is - Umesh Kasat

In Year 2007 I am appointed a advisor of Icici Prudencial life insurance co. with Agent/advisor code no. 00194908
After this in Year 2008 I have change insurance company and join with Birla sunlife insurance co. with agent/advisor code no. AA5588.
Now I want to join with LIC company. After taking NOC from Birla sunlife insurance company I have applied for LIC agent but LIC returned my form by saying that there is not any licence issued by my name. I don’t understand that if licence is not issued by my name that how both insurance companies (ICICI or BIRLA SUNLIFE INSURANCE) appoint me a advisor. Sir, Now I work with a insurance advisor with LIC.
So you are request that please tell me my licence status that is terminated or inforce. If terminate that how can I do for active my licence.
Please also mail me my IRDA licence no. because I have lost/forgot my IRDA licence no.

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You posted this to millions of people on the internet. No one here is going to mail you your license.

3 years ago

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Your question needs to be directed to IRDA not Yahoo Answers.

Contact information:

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
3rd Floor, Parisrama Bhavan, Basheer Bagh HYDERABAD 500 004
Andhra Pradesh (INDIA )

Ph: (040) 23381100
Fax: (040) 6682 3334


by Tom Z - 3 years ago