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    Is the American Life Insurance (AIL) company a scam?

    I recently received a job offer from them and now I'm skeptical because I've read that they are scam artists that swindle people out of 1000 of dollars. Are they scam artists? They keep emailing me and they seem pretty desperate for an interview with me (strange). This is their email: Hello, We are the recruitment team at American Income Life (AIL) Canada and we noticed your resume posted online. We wanted to let you know that our company is expanding throughout the GTA and we are looking for full-time candidates to fill management and sales associate roles. AIL is an insurance company providing supplemental benefits and life insurance products to North America`s association, labour union and credit union members. We are located and licensed in all 50 states, New Zealand and Canada. We are part of Torchmark Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. We have been in business for over 55 years and are nationally recognized as one of the significant carriers of supplemental insurance. We have a public relations department that is responsible for securing all of our leads. Therefore; our sales team is provided with qualified warm leads and is only calling on those parties who have requested to be seen by our representatives. There is no need for cold calling, telemarketing or prospecting. You will be spending 100% of your time and resources selling! Average first year earnings for our sales associates is $40,000-$60,000. Average first year earnings for our managers is $60,000-$90,000. We are looking forward to speaking with you about this opportunity. Please give us a call at the either of the numbers below so you can be booked in for a personal interview at our Yonge and Eglinton office in mid-town Toronto. Regards, Andrea Bronstein - HR Manager Thank you for your answers!!!
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    The job is a 100% commission, independent contractor job. You pay all your expenses such as gas, business cards, paperwork, leads, training, materials, classes, certifications, computer, taxes, social security, FICA, cell phone minutes, etc. You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on trying to sell the insurance and not actually sell a policy, and thus, not make any money. As with any commission, independent type job you *could* make thousands, you could also lose thousands.
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    Other Answers

    • Not a scam company, but a scam for employment.... They are one of the most notorious generators of job board spam in all of North America; hundreds and hundreds of postings daily. They don t deserve your time. The world would be a better place if AIL / American Income Life / Torchmark / Altig were banned from posting from any job board. They are a disease/cancer in the online world that should be cut out and burned.

      by Anonymous - 16 hours ago

    • No, it's not a scam per se; but it is not a particularly good opportunity either. The first year earning potential shown is feasible, but very optimistic. It is also a gross commission figure, and doesn't include any of your expenses, which are considerable. It is also 1099 income, so you'll pay self-employment tax (the amount that an employer would normally match toward your Social Security contribution). Unless you're outstanding in an industry with a 97% washout rate, you'll be fortunate to clear $20k your first year. Thus far, I haven't gotten to the downside. AIL is a reasonably strong, legitimate insurance company, but is one of many companies that tend to field a relatively unprofessional sales force. They are insurance peddlers in an industry that should be reserved only for genuine financial advisors. Their target market tends to be a fairly captive audience; unions, associations, and the like. Your training will be limited to how to most efficiently pawn off your limited selection of AIL products. The standard in the industry is to do a comprehensive financial needs analysis, and be authorized to sell products from any number of companies. You place the well-being of the client above all else and offer only what is in his best interest, whether or not it happens to be your sponsoring company's product. With AIL, you are a "captive agent" and are expected to sell their products regardless of the need. You are much better off appointing yourself with a highly rated life carrier that is committed to a comprehensive financial planning strategy, does NOT sell property & casualty products, and will freely allow you to sell any company's products.

      by rcdrury - 16 hours ago

    • I was also offered a job and first looked into some blogs about this. To begin with, I would recommend the official AIL income site: http://healthinsurancecheck.org/quotes-amerincomelife You can get all the information you need there. I, personally, don't think the job is a 100% commission. True is: you pay all your expenses such as gas, business cards, paperwork, leads, training, materials, certifications, cellphone minutes. But it's still better than having no job at all. I was unemployed for a very long time. So it was at least a better temporary solution until I found a very steady job. Be good Nona

      by NONA - 16 hours ago

    • This is a great job. Although it is not for everyone. You are like a business owner. You need to get licensed and that takes a few hundred dollars. But it is the best place I have ever worked. You put in long hours and you have to be a Type A personality and a go-getter wanting to help people and family's get coverage while Do good business . Great place to work, but not for everyone.. We offer great policy's and programs for clients. Something to look into if interested.

      by lil_cutie4339 - 16 hours ago

    • I would recommend the official federal income site: http://incomefaq.com/american-income Here you can find exactly what you are looking for and thats the only safe site. Good luck!

      by Garland - 16 hours ago

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