On your USPS receipt where is your Tracking Number?

On a USPS receipt which number would be the tracking number?
Got it. Its Customs Form # underneath the price paid. Or iff its got US on the end that's a good sign.

Good days guys.

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The very long list of numbers that is printed on the bottom or the side of your receipt.

3 years ago

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US post doesn't have tracking numbers unless it's certified mail, which you pay extra for.


by Candy - 3 years ago

Tracking is a service provided with USPS on the following services ONLY:

Express Mail®
Global Express Guaranteed®
Express Mail International®
Priority Mail® International
Priority Mail® with Delivery Confirmation

The tracking number would be a really long number, printed either on the side or bottom of the receipt. It would be easy to spot.


by Your Uncle Dodge! - 3 years ago

customs form under price paid

by Emily - 3 years ago