I need glasses but have no insurance. any idea's on places who give vouchers or help with paying for them?

I have absolutly no insurance and i've applied for every job around. nobody is hiring in this economy. i need glasses to get a licence to drive and find more work but have no money to pay for them. i know somewhere there are places to help but i have no clue where to start looking.

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Dude, I buy my glasses online for $8 a pair - lenses and frames. Shipping is another $5. DIRT CHEAP.

You can get exams at places like Sam's Club and Walmart for pretty darn cheap, too - take that prescription, use it to buy your glasses at one of the online places like Zenni Optical, where I get mine.

You can get the exam and glasses TOGETHER for well under $100, which is usually how much people pay per month for a cell phone. Or cable television. Or eating out. Your choice.

3 years ago

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Call your local community health center. If they can't help you directly, they'll know where you should go.

See my source to find a local CHC.


by Frank - 3 years ago

vision insurance pays very little of the actual cost of glasses unless you have a very weak prescription, pick very cheap frames and no extras with the lenses

churches or other agencies may have donated eyeglasses

by Zarg222 - 3 years ago

Single vision costs $100 for two pairs at Sears

by Flower - 3 years ago

Glasses are like 150 TOPS, lol. Why not cancel your internet and pay for your own necessities?

by Care O - 3 years ago

If you happen to live near an optometry school, you may be able to get eye care at a reduced price. Here is a list of optometry schools in the US.

I live in Oregon and go to one of Pacific University's Clinics. The exams are very thorough. They also offer reduced rates for people without insurance.

by indigo2002td - 3 years ago

Ask your family to borrow money. You can find glasses relatively cheaply.

by Insurance - 3 years ago