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    How to get your deductible waived?

    I am a female college student, unemployed, well actually I just got hired somewhere but do not start for another month probably. Therefore I am pretty much broke. I got into a fender bender, my first accident ever, and I'm getting my car fixed. I have full coverage so insurance is paying to get it fixed, but there is a $500 deductible. I really cannot pay that or at least not any time soon. I could give them maybe $100 but thats it. A professor of mine told me that sometimes you can get your deductible waived, she said I should check it out. Is this true? How can you get your deductible waived? And if not are there ways of making monthly payments on a deductible??? Thanks
    4 months ago 7 Answers

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    No you can not get your deductible waived. In some states, the comprehensive deductible is waived for glass claims. But not every state does that. In a collision claim, your deductible applies. You pay the deductible to the body shop that is doing the repairs. The insurance company writes an estimate to repair your vehicle. They subtract the amount of the deductible from the estimate and that's the amount they pay. The shop usually will not release your car to you unless you pay the deductible to them. Hopefully your shop will take a credit card. If not, you may need to get a cash advance on your credit card, or borrow the money, or sell something. I don't know of any body shop that will accept monthly payments on the deductible. They won't release the car until they get paid in full.
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    • Is a $1,0000.00 insurance deductible I had to pay on a Homeowners insurance claim an allowable loss deduction on my Income Tax return?

      by moneyman - a day ago

    • There are only 2 ways to get away with not paying a deductible: 1. If you're not at fault for the accident and you settle with the other party's insurance company 2. In some states, if you are in an accident with someone who has the same insurance company, there may be a provision to waive the deductibles for the involved parties. Other than that, you owe it. Your insurance company isn't going to waive it out of the goodness of their heart. That's the deductible you chose when you bought your policy. When you signed your contract, you agreed to that amount. Another option - find a repair shop that's willing to do the repairs cheaper.

      by Mushu - a day ago

    • The way the deductible works, when you are at fault for the accident, is that the deductible amount is SUBTRACTED from the damages check. So if you don't repair your car, you don't HAVE to pay that deductible out. Or maybe you only partially repair your damages. Regarding the deductible being waived, it's EXTREMELY state specific. For the most part, it NEVER gets waived, if YOU are at fault. If you are NOT at fault and the other person's insurance pays your damages, you don't HAVE a deductible. In some states, there's a "deductible waiver" you can buy, when you first buy your policy, where you don't have to pay the deductible under certain circumstances - like when you're hit by someone with the same insurance company, OR your car is a total loss, OR you're hit by an uninsured motorist. If you didn't buy the waiver, and it's not written into your policy, OR it's not available in your state, you're not going to get the deductible waived. The person you should really ask, is your insurance agent, if you have one. THEY will be able to give you state specific information on waivers of deductible - like if it's available, and if so, under what circumstances it could possibly apply. But it's not something you can negotiate AFTER the claim.

      by mbrcatz - a day ago

    • Insurance companies don't "waive" deductibles. When you purchased your coverage, the price you were given was based on the deductible you chose. If you wanted a lower deductible, your premiums would have been higher. Basically, that's the coverage you chose in the event you had to make a claim. Now, you've made the claim and you can't change the contract after the fact. There are very limited, specific times when there were deductibles waived and those applied to non- chargeable accidents. It's pretty much a thing of the past with most insurance companies. Talk to the body shop you are using to repair your vehicle. Sometimes, they will work out a payment plan on the deductible or you can always look at having used parts or after-market parts used on your vehicle rather than original manufacturer equipment. This will often lower the estimate, offsetting your deductible. Discuss this with your body shop.

      by Just Me - a day ago

    • The only times when insurance companies will waive deductibles is in the event of not-at-fault collisions and certain comp (everything non-accident related) claims. In this case, it sounds like contributory negligence at best, in which case you would be responsible for your deductible. The insurance company will probably pay the body shop directly and the body shop will collect the deductible from you. Just to give you a heads up, you are probably going to have to work this one out with the body shop. They will most likely require you to pay your deductible, in full, before they will return your vehicle. You'd better borrow that $400 from somewhere now, otherwise they might charge you for storage too, once they are done working on the vehicle.

      by Casey Y - a day ago

    • You're going to have to call your insurance agent or the insurance company directly. Only they can tell you if the will waive the deductible or allow payments.

      by Steve D - a day ago

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