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    How can I find out who is the beneficiary on my ex-husbands life insurance and 401k plan?

    He is an employee of Atlas Cold Storage in Atlanta, GA. He was recently hospitalized and is now suddenly dying. we have three children together. He married another woman 2 weeks befoer he went into the hospital.
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    I am sorry for what you are going through. I find it ironic that you bad mouth his current wife for not visiting him....yet your ex-husband is dying and you're here asking how to get paid for that. His employer will not release any information to you. You are not his spouse. The only thing you can do is speak with the person who is named executor of his estate.
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    Other Answers

    • You can't. Such designations are his to make. His company is right in refusing to provide such information to you, because it is private.

      by kj566 - 13 hours ago

    • You have no legal right, as you aren't related to him - you will have to ask his wife, and if she doesn't want to tell you, she doesn't have to. Although by law, most states the wife is the automatic beneficiary of the 401K or pension plan. He CAN'T legally, in most states, name anyone except the wife. Doesn't matter how long he's been married to her. His insurance company isn't giving you any info, because you are not the beneficiary, or the executor or administrator of his estate, or power of attorney, or legal guardian. Your hands are pretty much tied. Unless you pay a lawyer tens of thousands, to try to convince a judge that the EX wife should be running his estate, and not the wife (and I can't imagine you winning that), you can't do anything. Don't forget to file for social security survivor benefits for your minor children.

      by mbrcatz - 13 hours ago

    • The poster Stephen is right on the money. My guess is that the new wife he married 2 weeks before being hospitalized will be the beneficiary to both. Most likely as soon as he married her, even if in the past you were the beneficiary, she made sure that he changed everything to her since she was now his wife and you divorced him. You have no right to this info and only after he passes and you submit a request will you find out if you are or not.

      by lucy - 13 hours ago

    • You cannot find out while he is still alive, unless he voluntary decides to show you the information. The only way you can gain access to the information while he is still alive is if he is able to get the information and give it to you. If he cannot do so, and decides not to do so, then you have to wait until he dies. After he dies, you file a claim with the life insurance company for the life insurance benefits and you submit a written request to the employer for distribution of the 401K money. If you are the beneficiary, then they send you the money. If you are not the beneficiary, then they tell you that you are not the beneficiary. They do not do either of these things while he is still alive, even if you request it. They do not do either of these things automatically when he dies, unless you request it. They do them only if first he dies and then you request it, in that sequence.

      by StephenWeinstein - 13 hours ago

    • You can make a claim when he dies. If he's not coherent enough to make a change now then it's probably too late. If he didn't change it then it could still be you, though if the new wife was on top of things she had it changed before they got married.

      by Insurance Pickle.com - 13 hours ago

    • Get a lawyer today to sort it out as you may be fighting a new spouse for life insurance proceeds soon.

      by DirectQuotesAmerica.com - 13 hours ago

    • Take advantage of your county's 'Lawyer Referral Service,' where you can speak to a lawyer for $50 or less for 1/2 hour's worth of consultation. You'll be so glad you did, esp. since your situation sounds so complicated. It's inexpensive, and you'll get the information you need straight from a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer. My family has used this service 4x in 3 different states, always with good results. It's worth the $50 for the peace of mind that comes with knowing where you stand. Good luck to you!

      by magicbird - 13 hours ago

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