If we get married, will I lose medicaid?

Please before you get angry with me about using Medicaid, know that I feel extremely guilty for having to use it. We were extremely careful, and this pregnancy was a huge shock. I'm 18 & will be 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow..I have already qualified for Medicaid, but my fiance & I would like to get married before the baby is born..I'm worried that I won't qualify for Medicaid and WIC if we get married..Does anyone have any info on this? He is able to get medical insurance through his job (he works at a hospital) so idk if that would make me lose Medicaid. The reason I don't want to use his insurance is because the hospital is really terrible, and I would be required to deliver there with his insurance.

Please don't be judgmental..I know this wasn't a smart decision, and I plan to take full responsibility & also finish school!

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Medicaid is income based. We cannot say if you will lose it, but it is possible.

3 years ago

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No, it will not effect you at all. Don't feel bad, you are young.

by :) - 3 years ago

It's possible. In most states, Medicaid eligibility depends, in part, on HOUSEHOLD income. You'll have to research the specifics for your state.

by Caveat Emptor - 3 years ago

Marital status is not an "eligibility factor" with Medicaid or WIC, so it doesn't matter.

All that matters, is the number of people in your household, and total household income.

If you DO get married and he can add you on to his insurance, you may or may not still qualify for Medicaid, depending on your household income and which state you live in (each state sets their own rules and eligibility for Medicaid).

If you lied about living with him, and kept his income off the application, to qualify, then if/when you do get married and add his income in, it might knock you out of eligibility, might not. If you were honest about living with him, the marriage won't affect the benefits.

by mbrcatz - 3 years ago