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    Do you have to pay back provider of Medicaid?

    I have Kansas Medicaid program, each prescription $3 each, hospitalization covered, doctor visits, being on this as a COPD patient unemployed age 60, 2 months in hospital, with rare flu and pneumonia complications, 2 different surgeries, all since 2006, now my sister tells me, I have to pay back the provider/State of Kansas what has been spent on me, if I inherit property---WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?? I cannot afford a lawyer
    a month ago 3 Answers

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    A lawyer would seldom be able to do anything. Yes, any state can ask for reimbursement of Medicaid payments if your financial situation changes. This request is usually made to get reimbursed for long term care, and usually only at death where they put a claim in on the estate. What will most likely happen is if you inherit property the state will pull you off of Medicaid and make you use up those assets for your care. Once you use up those assets you'll probably qualify for Medicaid again. Then at death if they put in a claim there won't be anything in your estate to claim against.
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    Other Answers

    • If someone has received public benefits which include things like state disability, Medicaid, SSI, cash aid, TANF, anything from social services the state can come after those assets you acquired since you qualified for Medicaid. To qualify for Medicaid, your assets are limited to $2000 for one person. If you later come into some assets or income, the state is empowered to recover those benefits paid to you. People don't realize that all welfare benefits are supposed to be repaid. Most people never have any way to do that, but those are not free benefits. If you were also to get paid a settlement or win a lottery the state would deduct what you owe in benefits off the top. Think of Medicaid as a loan, rather than a freebee. You dont need a lawyer to do anything, as this is legal. The state gave you free benefits because you were low income. When that changes, you must pay them back.

      by Flower - 14 minutes ago

    • True. Medicaid is WELFARE health insurance. If you HAVE assets, you have to declare them, when you inherit them. If you don't, it's welfare fraud.

      by mbrcatz - 14 minutes ago

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