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    Step child and private health insurance, already covered under medicaid?

    My husband has joint custody and decision making over his daughter. Her mother has her insured under medicaid, but refuses to give the doctor name, location of office and any medical information to the father, even though it's outlined to notify him under court orders. Since we don't have any doctor information nor any way to take the child in to the doctor with insurance if we need to when she is in our care, I want to add her on to my private health insurance with me and her father. I have asked the mother if we could do that, and she declined due to the fact that she has no co-pays with medicaid. My husband had contacted a doctor office 2 years ago to find out about the information he would need in order to take his daughter in to the doctor, and he was told he can't without the mother's permission. Really? Permission?? He asked her again recently where his daughter's doctor office is and who the doctor is, and she replied that she had lost the papers and no longer has that information, so she can't give it to him. My step daughter has told me when she goes to the dentist, and when she has a doctor appointment, so we know she still has gone. Would we be able to cover my step daughter under my insurance without interfering with her mother's lack of co-payments? if medicaid is a secondary form of insurance, will it take care of the primary insurance co-payment? How would we be able to go about doing this?
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    Dad should be able to contact medicaid, with daughter's name, date of birth, and social security number, and get a duplicate copy of the card. Failing that, he can bring mom to court, and make the judge order her to disclose the information. If dad has joint medical custody with mom, he needs to show that paper to the doctor, to get the release of information. In any case, you CAN add stepdaughter to your health insurance during the next open enrollment; if mom doesn't declare that to medicaid, she's committing medicaid fraud; it very well COULD jeapordize the medicaid coverage, and if medicaid is secondary, it will pay the copays from the primary insurance.
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    Other Answers

    • This is fraud. She has the ability to put the child on real insurance but chooses to not do that. All because she would rather not pay copays. But, it is fine that the rest of us pay copays and have them increased and have our taxes increased to pay for people like her. Lack of co-payments? Yes her lack of co-payments equals less take home pay for others.

      by Ann - an hour ago

    • The reason your ex doesn't want you to know about the medicad coverage is that she probably wouldn't qualify for it if the state knew about your child support and your ability to pay for coverage. It is only available to people with limited income (welfare).

      by Bill - an hour ago

    • Your husband's ex-wife is getting Medicaid only because of her minor child so she does not want the child put on private insurance because she would lose Medicaid for both of them. Medicaid is for people who have no other health insurance.

      by Flower - an hour ago

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