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    No insurance, and need a prescription.?

    ok so im pregnant (probably 6 weeks or so) and i have signs of a UTI ( burning while peeing, pinkish tint, discomfort,) and im currently in the process of renewing my insurance which leaves me currently uncovered, I want to call my ob on monday to try to get a script, how will i go about this? will the pharmacy let me get the medication? Will i need to put money down? or will i do a payment plan like i do with my appointments? Help please and thank you
    6 months ago 8 Answers

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    Your ob is most likely going to want to see you and do a culture. Being pregnant, it could be a sign of OTHER things going on, too. Many people WITH health insurance, have no prescription coverage. Most of the time, a standard antibiotic (if that's what you need) will be under the regular copayment, anyway. You don't NEED prescription coverage to get a prescription, you just pay for the medication yourself. An antibiotic will be under $20. But I don't think your ob will be writing that prescription for you, without seeing you.
    a few seconds ago

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    • yes, the pharmacy will let you get any medicine, but you have to pay the retail price for it w/o insurance. tell your doc you don't have insurance right now and they will try to prescribe something that has a cheaper retail price. UTI can be treated with a variety of antibiotics so chances are you can get hooked up with something that may not be very expensive. good luck!

      by Kensingtonian - 21 hours ago

    • Of course you can fill the prescription. You'll just have to pay the cash price for it.

      by Woof - 21 hours ago

    • Just visit an urgent care clinic in your town, or any county or community clinic and see a doctor to get a prescription. They might have some samples for free. Walmart's is supposed to have $4 prescriptions.

      by Flower - 21 hours ago

    • In order to get the prescription you will most likely have to schedule an appointment with your ob/gyn provider. Normally they wont prescribe something until they have run tests and made sure of the problem. Also they have to be careful about prescribing something to prevent it from interfering with your baby. When your ob/gyn prescribes you a medication you may have it filled at any pharmacy but without insurance you must pay the retail price for it. Pharmacies do not use payment plans and expect to be paid in full before they will actually let you have the medication. I would highly recommend calling your local pharmacies and having them give you a price (some pharmacies are cheaper than others). Also while at your ob/gyn check to see if they have any free samples to give out. Never hurts to ask and sometimes they may give you enough to get by without the prescription or at least put off paying for a prescription for a few days. I am not sure of your situation but often if you lose your insurance your pregnancy will be considered a pre-existing condition for any new insurance. Also most insurance has a limit to what it will pay out. A pregnancy/delivery is very expensive and will max out a lot of insurance quickly. I would highly recommend finding your local medicaid office (usually your local county health department or department of family and children services) and applying for medicaid benefits for pregnant women. This is free insurance provided by your state that is based on income. if you have a low enough income medicaid will generally pay for everything with $0 out of pocket for you. Also being pregnant you should apply for Wic or whatever benefits are offered that will help you with food now, and will pay for baby formula when you have your baby. Food stamp benefits are also available and will purchase baby formula/food if you choose to go that route. It sounds like your budget is a little on the tight side and would recommend searching for these programs and others that may be available. After all every little bit helps. Don't be afraid to ask questions and search for a better price on medical services/prescriptions/supplies. However be aware that often the less something costs, the less service/quality you receive. Hope this helps. Wish you good health and the best of luck with your baby.

      by Mike - 21 hours ago

    • Yes, the pharmacy will let you get the medication, but not for free and not on a payment plan. You will have to pay them. If you do not have the cash, you can use a credit card.

      by StephenWeinstein - 21 hours ago

    • ~~Well it's up to your doctor on how they will require the office visit. If you tell them your situation, hopefully they will work it out for you to make payments. As for the pharmacy yes you can get a prescription filled at any pharmacy, you do not have to have insurance. Call and price the meds prescribed as there can be a huge difference from pharmacy to pharmacy. Also many of them participate in the $4 prescriptions like Walmart has and what you may be given could be covered under that amount. Try drinking tons of cranberry juice. If the infection just started it can actually make it go away without any medications. Just drink it constantly.~~

      by debijs - 21 hours ago

    • Well, Some hospitals have free clinics, but EXTREMELY little have free-limited pharmacies. I know a pharmacy that has a policy that as long as the drug is cheap enough and your not insured, They'll give you the medication. Don't worry, you'll be fine.

      by failmoar - 21 hours ago

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