What steps would be taken to ensure maximum reimbursement on the denied claim?

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There is no "maximum reimbursement". How much gets reimbursed, is strictly defined by the coverage definitions when you first bought the policy.

So the ONLY step is, convincing the insurance company that they wrongly denied your claim. There are several different ways to do that, but the exact method you should use, depends on the reason they gave when they denied the claim.

4 years ago

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if they denied the claim, then you either have to ask again or live with the decision.

by Chrys - 4 years ago

If a claim is denied, your only recourse is to sue the insurance company for payment on the policy.

by Doug J I - 4 years ago

If you actually want an answer then best to start with what is the claim and why have they denied it? Also which country? UK & US Insurance practices will differ No point in leaving out details as if you don't bother to mention something that they have used as a reason to repudiate then our answers won't help. Some people seem to think that insurance should pay whatever the circumstance, life doesn't work that way - A policy only responds where the incident is specifically covered in the policy


by Mr Chris - 4 years ago