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    Has anyone used AFLAC for a pre-existing condition?

    I have an old knee injury which occured in 2003. I've had an AFLAC disability and accident policy since July of last year. My knee has been acting up and has made doing my job difficult at best, and I was wondering if my doctor took me off work if AFLAC would pay me. ANY information is greatly appreciated.
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    When you applied for the policy, did you answer all of the questions honestly? If you were asked about prior injuries/illnesses/surgeries, etc. and failed to disclose the full information, this is considered material misrepresentation. Not only can the company deny the claim for pre-existing conditions, they can rescind the policy, give you all your premiums back and cancel the policy. If you answsered all the questions honestly and the underwriting dept. chose to issue the policy after knowing all the history, then you're safe, unless there's a specific exclusion. For those exclusions, you'll need to ask your agent or better yet, read your policy.
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    • Preexisting conditions are usually excluded. You'd have to read your policy, and check and see if this is the case with you.

      by mbrcatz - 7 hours ago

    • why would AFLAC do that? pre-existing conditions are usually excluded, even if you didn't disclose them.

      by Spock (rhp) - 7 hours ago

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