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    What happened to Lincoln Income Life Ins. Co. of Louisville, Kentucky.?
    Need telephone number.
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    Short version: They are now part of Washington National Insurance Company. The phone numbers are (317)817-6100 and (800)759-7007 Long version: 1. In 1991, they moved "from Louisville, Kentucky to Frankfort, Kentucky". At the end of 1992, they "merged into Bankers National Life Insurance Company" of "Amarillo, Texas". 2. In 2004, that company (Bankers National Life Insurance Company) merged into Washington National Insurance Company of Chicago, IL. 3. The contact information for Washington National Insurance Company of Chicago, IL is "Mailing Address: 11825 North Pennsylvania Street Carmel IN 46032 Office Number: (317)817-6100 Toll Free Number: (800)759-7007 Fax Number: (317)817-2161"
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    • ABRAHAM LINCOLN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA Lincoln Life & Accident Insurance Company of Muskogee, Oklahoma HISTORICAL DATA Abraham Lincoln Life Insurance Company of Muskogee, Oklahoma was incorporated in 1908 and began business in 1909. Initial paid in capital was $200,000 and was increased in 1936 to $5101,522. Lincoln Life and Accident Insurance Company; Wm A. Fisher sup. 601-05, Equity Bldg. Muskogee, Oklahoma. INCOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Income Life Building, Louisville, Kentucky HISTORICAL DATA INCOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY This company was incorporated in 1928 and began business in 1929. Initial paid in capital was $158,580 and was increased in 1930 to $192,630. Capital was reduced in 1931 to $129,690 and to $100,150 in 1932. In 1936 capital was increased to 5101,522. In 1933 this company reinsured the Dixie-Atlas-Republic Insurance Company, Nashville, Tenn., and in 1936 reinsured the business of the Lincoln Life and Accident Insurance Company, Oklahoma City, Okla. Classes of Insurance Written—Non-participating, ordinary and industrial.Officers - P. K. Smith, chairman of the board; A. L. Noe, president; J. T. Acree, J. T. Acree, Jr., L. P. Carson, vice-presidents; M. C. Alford, secretary-treasurer; J. W. Martin, assistant treasurer; R. H. Ellis, assistant secretary. 1986 -- Conseco acquired Lincoln Income Life Insurance for $29 per share or $32.3 mil. Shearson Lehman Brothers advised Lincoln Income Life Insurance. Earlier, in mid 1985, Lincoln had agreed to be acquired by I.C.H. for $31 per share in cash but the merger couldn't be consummated as the Kentucky Department of Insurance raised objections to certain expenses which Lincoln would have incurred in the merger. Lincoln also received a merger proposal from Red Gate in 1985

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    • After several mergers, they are now: Washington National Insurance Company (a member of CNO Financial Group) A.M. Best #: 007218 NAIC #: 70319 FEIN #: 361933760 Address: 11825 N. Pennsylvania Street Carmel, IN 46032 UNITED STATES Phone: 317-817-6100 Fax: 317-817-2161 Web: www.CNOinc.com

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