What's the difference between UI benefit and EUC benefit?

I was recently laid off and have been notified that I'm not qualified for Unemployment Insurance benefit, but I'm eligible to receive the Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefit. What is the difference between these two benefits? I live in Colorado by the way. Thanks for helping.
Wait, so does that mean I won't be able to receive even EUC benefit after a certain length of time? If so, how do I find out how many weeks I will be able to receive the benefit?

I have another quick question. Does EUC benefit give you the same amount of funds as UI benefit?

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UI is what normally exists.
EUC is not normally available, and is available temporarily because of the recession and the stimulus legislation.

4 years ago

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IM NOT SURE WHY THEY TOLD U THAT..first u get UI for 6 Months...Then EUC takes over, followed by EB..check your states labor dept website..its pretty similar in all states though

by Rich - 4 years ago