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    Can you collect Unemployment Insurance and Disability benefits at the same time?

    My doctor recently stated that I was disabled, severe depression, outrageous tinnitus, losing focus, can't sleep, etc. So now that I'm 'disabled' for at least 60 days while I seek treatment, I doubt I can carry unemployment insurance as well...as I was only working 12 hours a week.
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    In order to collect unemployment, you must have lost your job due to a lay off, reduction in hours, etc (i.e. you are not eligible if you were terminated for cause or if you quit). In addition you must be ready, willing and able to work and be actively looking for work -- therefore if the doctor is stating that you are disabled then bottom line you are not able to work and therefore you are not eligible for unemployment. In terms of collecting disability -- it would depend on the definition of disability contained in your policy as to whether you are eligible for coverage and for how long. I suggest that you read your policy and/or call the agent or company for additional information and assistance in filing a claim if you are eligible. I hope that your situation improves and wish you the best of luck.
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    • No. And you do not get to pick which one, either. If you are able to work, then you do not qualify for disability benefits. Your options are unemployment benefits or no benefits. If you are not able to work, then you do not qualify for unemployment benefits. Your options are disability benefits or no benefits.

      by StephenWeinstein - 4 hours ago

    • No. To collect disability, you have to be unable to work. To collect unemployment, you have to be able to work. You can't be both unable, and able, to work. One or the other.

      by mbrcatz - 4 hours ago

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