how much does the post office charge to get a letter notarized?

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This is not a service the post office provides.

A local bank would do it - if you are a customer, it's usually free.

4 years ago

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If this is a U.S. question, the post office does not notarize documents. You go to a notary public for that function.

by Caveat Emptor - 4 years ago

It usually doesn't cost anything, at least I've never paid for it. Yes, banks will always have a notary. Our insurance agency has one too. Just call around to find one and ask if there's a charge.


by Nicole - 4 years ago

Banks, Real Estate agencies, insurance agencies usually have notaries. Post Offices don't. In my state I CAN'T charge more than $2 to notarize something, but I don't charge for it and most don't.


by Insurance - 4 years ago