life insurance when is the payout after a death?

We had a death in the family almost 3 weeks ago. We have an arrangement to pay for the funeral services within 30 days. It won't be long until that comes along. All documents and death certificate and everything was turned into western southern life 2 weeks ago the agent said she would turn it in and the check would be mailed out.
Does anyone know how long this company takes?
Right now my family and I are trying to figure out a way to pay off the funeral home in the next 2 weeks almost 9 grand. I called the agent before noon today and she was out.
Anyway if you been through this how long does it take? I am just worried to death about getting the services taken care of and that isn't right we should not be worried about that right now.

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State insurance laws varies on when a company has to deliver the death claim, but the company usually have 30 days to deliver. The company may want to investigate the death, so your state insurance department may grant them another month to investigate. Hopefully that's not the case and they deliver it soon.

The company I use to work for deliver death claims within 3-7 days. So the answer depends on the company. But you may want to check with your state's insurance laws on time limit on when a death claim must be paid.


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the insurance company was to issue you a check within 24 hours of receiving the death certificate...
you need to beat down the proper person within that company at once...until your check is in your hand

by Cari - 4 years ago

It generally follows within a week or two after receipt of the death certificate and other required documentation.

by jlf - 4 years ago

It's about ten business days.

You can also ask for an advance check, to be mailed out next day, for the $10K or whatever you need to cover the funeral.

by mbrcatz - 4 years ago