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    I have lost my National Insurance Card but I know my NI number..?

    Ok, so Ive lost my NI number. Cant find it anywhere. I have never worked before but I am starting university soon, so no payslips, p45s etc. I have my NI number on my money application for university though. Will I need to apply for a NI card if I start work or will it be fine just to quote the number without the card or payslips or p45s etc. Thanks.
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    No its fine i am the same and never had any difficulty
    a few seconds ago

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    • You can apply for another one, but only one duplicate is ever issued. After that, you have had it. Will depend on any future employer if he asks to see card. Unless that happens, I wouldn't bother. I've never had or needed one (I'm too old). Some employers may ask to see it because employers can get into trouble if they employ illegals, and they like to have proof of your eligibility to work. Or you can phone 0845 915 7006, and you will be sent written confirmation of your number. You can look at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk , then put National Insurance number in search box.

      by steffi - 20 hours ago

    • Hi hows u doin I am 51yrs now and i never seen my NI card since i was 16yrs old, my NI number is inprinted on me brain. mind i'm loosing that these days lol if any asks for then they are a jobs worth, mind if your white and British then you might have a problem lol, omg a violation on its way.

      by yoda1canobe - 20 hours ago

    • I didn't know they had NI cards. Presume its something new as I am an old duffer and all I ever have to do is quote my number. Most places, firms etc only ever ask for the number so as long as you have that you should be fine. If its a requirement to have one now it might be best if you apply for another card.

      by fleefly - 20 hours ago

    • I have never been asked for the card. I would just qoute the number. It might be worth applying for a new card as well though for the future.

      by julie t - 20 hours ago

    • No problem Lots of us oldies have never ever had and N.I. card So knowing your number, is all you need,and that's what I do I've written it down in an address book,just in case I forget it

      by Jan409 - 20 hours ago

    • You will be fine in life as long as you can remember your number and if you feel that you need the card then you can apply for a new one,But good question better safe than sorry.

      by Iggle piggle wiggle Answers - 20 hours ago

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