What are the implications of having a private company associated with a government insurance program?

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Well, that's exactly what FASCISM is - government control of private companies.

There are reasons why people think the word "fascist" has negative connotations!

The problems, depend on whose point of view you're looking at - but from EVERY point of view, the only people who make out, are the ones exempt from the program (ie, the politicians).

5 years ago

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Your question is too vaguely worded to offer a response. That situation does, in fact, exist.

by jlf - 5 years ago

If the private company is eligible for the government insurance program than there are no adverse implications. An insurance program is clearly defined at all time weather it is a government or a private company who is giving the insurance and will have to follow and abide by the prevailing insurance regulations.


by Insurancetips - 5 years ago