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    can an employer cancel your health insurance while you are out on a disability?

    I recently had rotator cuff surgery (6) weeks ago, currently in therapy and my employer said they are dropping the company health insurance. I have not been released by my doctor to return to work as of yet can they cancel my insurance while I am still under a doctor's care?
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    only if they lay you off or fire you, ie. that u no longer an employee
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    • Are you saying that your employer is dropping health insurance for ALL employees? They will no longer be offering health insurance as a benefit? If so, then yes...they can drop you too. If all employees will lose health insurance, then there is no employer group plan to keep you on. You'll have to see if there is any continuation coverage being offered that you can pay for out of your own pocket. (But it will likely be expensive.)

      by sarah314 - 20 hours ago

    • Only your company can answer this question for you. You may want to contact your state insurance board for a more objective answer as well. If your company is dropping your health coverage, ask your state insurance board if you will qualify COBRA coverage. This will allow you to keep your current policy up to 18 months. It's expensive but well worth it, as you may not qualify for a personal health insurance policy until you are well.

      by Health Blogger - 20 hours ago

    • The employer has no choice in it. In order to stay on the plan, you have to be WORKING the preset number of hours - usually at least 32 hours a week. When you fall under that, in accordance with the IRS laws, you HAVE to be terminated from the group health insurance plan. Good news, if they are subject to COBRA, they have to let you continue, but you pay for it.

      by mbrcatz - 20 hours ago

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