Does United Healthcare insurance cover visits to chiropractors?

I have had back pain since high school, and my family got on United Healthcare insurance about a year ago. Dose that particular insurance generally cover visits to chiropractors? I want to see if they can do anything for my back.

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~~Their are hundreds of different plans under United Health Care. It all depends on if you have a plan that will cover it. easiest and quickest way to find out is to call the customer service number on the back of your card, and they will tell you if you have coverage, coverage amount, and direct you to a contracting provider.

Always check with customer service to be sure you get correct information for your specific policy. Do not take the word of an office staff or anyone else, because every policy is different.~~

5 years ago

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When you visit a chiropractor one o f the first questions they ask you is if you have insurance with that been said,and depending on the kind of plan your parents have. I think United Healthcare Insurance should be able to cover visits to Chiropractors.

by Blacks - 5 years ago