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    Is Globe Life Insurance company a good investment?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this company. Please share your thoughts,Thank you.
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    Globe Life sells allot of accident only life. They offer cheap rates on higher benefit amounts. You must understand that with accident only plan vs. term life , your benefit pays your beneficiary only if you die because of an accident and you hav to die at the scene not later in the hospital. It is less likely that you will die at the scene than because of illness or pass later on. For this reason the rates are better for higher coverage.
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    • No. You would be better off getting term life insurance from a reputable company. Globe normally sells children's life insurance and whole life insurance type products. No life insurance is a good investment. Life insurance is not supposed to be an investment. Get term life insurance to insure your life (you can get a large amount of coverage for a very small premium because you are only paying for life insurance not a savings or investment plan), then get mutual funds or a plan made for investing only as an investment.

      by Ruth P - 4 hours ago

    • Insurance is NOT an investment, it's insurance. Do not mix the two. Globe sells insurance to parents, on a child in case that child dies. Insurance should be based whomever is bringing home the bacon. In other words, why purchase a policy on a child who makes no money? If he passes away, sure it's a tragedy, but no income is lost. Very few children will die prematurely, so Globe walks away with a bundle.

      by Mr. Prefect - 4 hours ago

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