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    FMLA how long does it last?

    I work with someone who is on FMLA and comes to work about once a week. Unfortunately that means I have to pick up his workload along with my own work. He has been on it for 4 years. I think it is turning into a lifetime event for him.
    5 months ago 4 Answers

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    Actually, effective Jan. 16, 2009 the FMLA laws were revised. The revision was 763 pages long!!!! The other answers are correct about the 12 weeks within one year, however, if the person is caring for someone that was on active military duty an employee can take 26 weeks. It can be very confusing. Your real question needs to be: is the employer entitled to increased your workload (and not your pay) because someone is taking a legal FMLA leave? The answer is no. FMLA is an unpaid leave. Perhaps you should speak with your employer about hiring a temp, part time person to pick up the slack when the other employee is on FMLA leave.
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    • so if i have fmla for my husband in2013 and it is now 2015..its no good..he has had two heart attacks in 2013..sept

      by Maria - 3 hours ago

    • Although under federal law, you can take 12 weeks PER YEAR, unpaid, some states have more broad/lenient coverage than that.

      by mbrcatz - 3 hours ago

    • The federal law states 12 weeks, but this is based on your hourly work week. You can use it all at once or split it up and use it as needed.

      by jcfox6550 - 3 hours ago

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