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    I am moving from MA to FL and I want to cancel my car insurance..?

    will this cost me money? or does it depend on the car insurance carrier or.... i have safety insurance if that makes any difference
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    Cancelling should not cost you a thing if it does, there are ways around that. (You could just stop paying for it and it will cancel, however that may look bad on a credit report.) You could consider transferring from one carrier to another. Call a local carrier where you will be moving to and they can help you transfer the insurance.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Safety may have a short rate cancellation fee, most insurance companies do. It is a small fee, and it will be included in your final bill. If your policy is paid in full or near renewal, you may see a refund. You can only cancel an insurance policy with a plate return receipt or proof of insurance with another company. I am an insurance agent, so I see this situation a lot.

      by Brittany - 4 hours ago

    • You don't want to cancel the MA policy, until you have the FL coverage in place. You'll need to mail your MA plates back to the DMV, or your agent, to get the "plate receipt" you need to cancel your MA policy. MA is particularly weird about the documentation you need to cancel your policy. It will cost you, a "short rate" penalty, to cancel your policy mid term. It's about a month's premium. Can't be avoided, though, if you're moving to FL.

      by mbrcatz - 4 hours ago

    • After you move and get settled, you can have your current insurance carrier continue your coverage in FL unless you want to change carriers. But in either case, wait until you're settled. The zip code you finally live in can affect your insurance rates (among other factors). If you are going to get rid of your car before moving to FL, then yes, cancel it - do not let it lapse for non-payment. Insurance rate will increase when that happens.

      by Dan B - 4 hours ago

    • Stay with same company if you can, otherwise get new coverage before you cancel the old. If you paid in advance you will be due a rebate of unearned premiums. Use proof of delivery mail and be specific about cancellation time and date.

      by General Custer - 4 hours ago

    • it probably depends on the insurer. you should make sure you have new insurance before you cancel the other. some states will not register your car at the new address without insurance and they do check to be sure it is accurate and up to date.

      by tweek639 - 4 hours ago

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