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    FedEx Stolen Package?

    just placed an order for over 10,000 dollars in gold coins from a dealer. They shipped the coins FedEx. The package never showed up so i contacted the dealer and he provided me with the tracking number. It said the package was "left at front door." I live in a 200 unit apartment complex. This was a signature required package and it is beyond my comprehension how a driver could just leave something of this value lying around like this. I contacted the dealer and he told me to deal with FedEX. FedEx is admitting they made a mistake but will only pay 100 dollars. Seems everyone is passing the buck back and forth. The driver did have the curtesty to stop by my apt to try and locate the package to no avail. I called the dealer and they told me they were going to escalate it and give me a "resolution" sometime next week. I was told that most likey they would "take care of me" (whatever that means.) and then go after FedEx. Finally, this has made me so angry that i'm looking at all my neighbors. I could not believe that the coin dealer told me that it might just be as likey the driver could have taking it as well. He told me the drivers know the value of items and are free to open and inspect any packages if they feel like it. Should I just trust the dealers customer service and give them the few days they need or should I file a police report. I paid with a personal check not by credit card so I have no recourse. Has anyone ever heard of such a terrible situation? I really don't know what to do
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    I had a package stolen by the realtor of the house next door to me. He admitted he did it, and refused to return it. My package was no where near as costly as yours, but it contained christmas gifts for my son. It was shipped through UPS and they went after him, after refunding my money. If you paid 10 thousand dollars you should definitely file a police report. At least contact the police and see what they say. It is unlikely that it was the driver, as they have to go through serious backround checks and he did stop to see if he could locate it.
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    Other Answers

    • Why didn't the dealer take out the appropriate amount of insurance? That should have been their standard policy - insure for the amount of the shipment. Who signed for the package? If no one signed for it then the dealer should have recourse against Fedex.

      by Crazeddoglady - 19 hours ago

    • 1. Yes, file a police report. 2. Anything of this value should have been sent insured for its full value. If you elected not to pay for the insurance, that was your mistake. If the dealer decided not to pay for insurance, then their responsibility is greater. 3. Why are you having $10,000 in gold sent to your apartment?

      by StephenWeinstein - 19 hours ago

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