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    For Aflac, are pre-existing conditions waived for employees of small businesses?

    My family owns a small business (less then 10 employees). We're interested in getting Aflac. Although I of course would normally just ask this question to Aflac, it's Saturday and they're closed. We have a particular employee that we're concerned about because he has just been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. I know Aflac has a cancer policy and I know that it has a 30 day waiting period and normally you can't sign up if you have already been diagnosed with cancer. But, I have heard some people tell me that in other health instances, they've had employees sign up for Aflac benefits with preexisting conditions waived because the benefits are new and being offered to all in the company. It's not like someone just contracted an illness and now want the coverage, they weren't given an option before and now they are. Yet, no one I know has experienced this and knows how this would work with a cancer diagnosis... I would assume that they would not cover this person, but he's been on my mind a lot and I'm trying to do what I can do to help... hoping that if we get Aflac coverage for the company this individual can also be extended the cancer policy coverage despite the diagnosis. If anyone has experienced this or is an Aflac agent, I'd appreciate the feedback. Thank you!
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    I think you might be confusing "guarantee issue", with waiving pre-existing conditions. Many companies, AFLAC included, will offer benefits with zero, or very reduced, underwriting questions.. thereby "guaranteeing" coverage. However, that does not mean pre-existing conditions are covered. Most have a 12/12 or 12/24 clause. Meaning.. if I have been diagnosed, treated ( and that includes just taking a prescription pill ), received medical advice, or had a medical condition where a prudent person would seek medical advice, during the 12 months before the new policies effective date. That condition will be excluded for the following 12 or 24 months. I can be covered for everything else.. just not that particular condition. So let's say I sign up for a short term disability plan that starts October 1st, and I'm currently taking one prescription for a condition for my heart. If, in the next 12 months, I go out for a disability due to my heart... I'm not covered. I could have a back injury, broken bone, diagnosed with cancer, etc.. all those would be covered.. just not for my heart. As for cancer, most cancer plans always have a question relating to current, or in the last 5 to 7 years, been diagnosed or received treatment for cancer. I'm 99.9 % sure, your employee would not qualify. However, I do not work specifically with AFLAC.. so contact them directly.
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    • i hate to tell you this but Aflac's Caner Policy will not cover your employee with the cancer. There is a few underwriting questions with that policy that boil down to "Has anyone under the policy been treated or diagnosed for cancer?" If it's a yes (in your employee's case, yes) they will ask "Have you been cancer free for five (for payroll, ten for direct) years" if the person has been cancer free for that time period, they can get coverage. I'm so sorry about your employee

      by Erik N - 16 hours ago

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