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    Make and sell homemade bath and body products need insurance..?

    I make and have been selling to close friends and family members my homemade bath and body products but now am ready to launch my website and sell to public.I will be making my own soaps and lotions and candles and etc. and I called my home insurance company and they do not cover a homebased business that makes bath and body products.SO any suggestions where I can get insurance that covers making and selling homemade bath and body products AND candles? Thanks
    a year ago 4 Answers

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    You will need to shop around, but Allstate and Travelers Insurance both provide business insurance. Good Luck to you!
    a few seconds ago

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    • Yep, you can't cover a manufacturing business on your homeowners policy. You need a business policy. SELLING them, if you buy them from someone else, is probably going to run you around $500 a year, for business liability. But if you MAKE them, it's probably going to start at $1500. Plus, if you're manufacturing candles in your home or garage, your current homeowners carrier is probably going to not want to insure your house - it's a significant fire hazard increase. You can't buy directly, so you're going to have to go to a local, independent agent for quotes. Or, you can see if Allstate will give you a quote for business insurance, but I bet they won't.

      by mbrcatz - 7 hours ago

    • To answer your question, the best thing to do is to call a surplus line broker. They deal with many outside business carriers, who will write your type of risk. It is going to have to be a commercial business policy, and the premium is probably going to start around $1500+ their fees. It will cover you for any product liability, and premises liability. Its definitely what you need. You should also get a Errors & Omissions policy (E&O) for malpractice reasons. What state are you in?

      by C - 7 hours ago

    • I believe State Farm could cover your type of business. I have customer now that has a candle business. Call a different State Farm office and tell them to call their underwriter and ask. They do not write your type of business everyday and might not know. I can not believe Allstate would not write it. You might want to give that a 2nd shot and call the agent back and ask them to check with their underwriter. I work with a State Farm office and have a customer with a candle business but that is in California.

      by car253 - 7 hours ago

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