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    If I live with my boyfriend can he claim me as a dependent on his health insurance.?

    I'm 18 with no job. I think I have a major health problem but haven't went to the doctor yet. I don't have any health insurance because the insurance from my parents stopped after I turned 18. I don't know what to do.
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    Unfortunately you will probably not be considered an eligible dependent under his plan. Some plans do however cover "significant others" under the plan but you would have to check with the insurance company to see if his plan does. Even if they do you probably havent lived with him long enough to be considered. Many companies will insure individual plans (not through an employer) however this can be very expensive. The best thing to do is try and find a job that offers health insurance.
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    • You need to check into COBRA and HIPAA laws because what you described is a pre-existing condition. Yes, even though you haven't seen a doctor for it yet, pre-existing conditions almost always defined as conditions 'for which a prudent person would have sought treatment'. Even if you could get on your boyfriend's insurance, unless you show that you had proper coverage within a particular time period, your health condition could be excluded for up to 18 months. There are some good .gov sites out there, but check with the company you just had coverage with for starters.

      by aaron p - 5 hours ago

    • Tonia, I believe a lot of people, much like myself, approach your question from their own state rules and regulations. Each state is different on how they classify "girlfriend". I live in California, so, I will answer it this way. It is fairly simple to get added to your boyfriends plan with a notarized affadavit of domestic partnership. From that point in time, you have less than 30 days to get on your boyfriends plan. It would be the same as if you were to get married, or he had a child (natural or adopted)...because there is a change in his "family" structure from single no dependents to "domestic partner" this legally allows the company to add you. Now, this being said, the company that he works for does not have to pay for any amount of your health insurance premiums. They just have to allow you to join the plan. The only caveat to this is if your boyfriend works for a large enough company where his company's insurance is out of state. Then it gets more complicated. The easiest way to resolve is for YOU to call his benefits department and ask them about domestic partnerships and...how much it will cost. Hope this helps...take care, Blake www.healthanddentalplans.net

      by Blake A - 5 hours ago

    • You do not meet the legal definition of dependent. However, if you live in a state with common law marriage's, he can add you on as a spouse. It's a simple form he can get from his employer. Don http://mtnhealthinsurance.com

      by Don - 5 hours ago

    • very few employers will allow you to list a "girlfriend" on their health insurance. IF they do, you have to wait until open enrollment, to be added. It's better - and moral - to just marry him instead of shacking up with him. Then you can get added right away.

      by mbrcatz - 5 hours ago

    • That depends on a bunch of different factors. First, he should check with his health insurance provider and see what they say. The rules may be different depending on where you live and what company his insurance is through. The good news is, many insurance companies consider live-in partners under a sort of equivilent-to-spouse coverage (that's how it works here in Canada). The bad news is, there may be a minimum amount of time you have to live together before you qualify. Your boyfriend may also have to pay some or all of the cost of your insurance coverage - that would depend on how his benefits are structured through work. I know this is probably not an appealing option for you, but if you believe something is seriously wrong, you should go to a free clinic or charity hospital - the longer you put off a seriously issue, the harder it can be to treat.

      by Just - 5 hours ago

    • no but there is medicaid that you can apply for

      by golferwhoworks - 5 hours ago

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