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    Why can't I cancel my health insurance ANYTIME?

    I have $275.00 a week deducted from my paycheck for health insurance coverage. Our company is slow, dropping me to 20 hours a week. I want to cancel my policy. This is money that they TAKE from my check, I have no choice. I'm told open enrollment is the time, that's months away. I now take home about $175.00 a week. (I pay more to insurance than what I get to keep). In signing the contract, I guess I never realized that PROMISES the insurance company YOUR money until open enrollment. Is there anything that can be done short of marriage, divorce, child birth or death? If I obtained other insurance, would that work? I would need to show proof though right? Aren't there any laws to protect us? Why wouldn't losing 20 hours a week be qualifying grounds? So many questions, so frustrating. Thanks, Roger
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    It's part of the deal, for any group health insurance policy where the employer contributes - you can only make changes if you have a qualifying event. Getting other insurance won't help. It's a LAW that says you can't make changes, except during open enrollment. But I agree with you, going from full to part time, SHOULD be a qualifying event.
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