Do Geico give a typing test?

6 years ago - 6 answers

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You should have said, Does Geico give a typing test.

I am sure they do.

6 years ago

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Don't worry about the typing test, worry about the grammar test.


by mbrcatz17 - 6 years ago

That would probably depend on what position you're applying for.

by src50 - 6 years ago

I agree. English should be focused on more than typing. But, in any position I'm sure you'll be typing, so make sure you know how.

by Wife2D Mom2A - 6 years ago

if you are going to be talking over the phones to customers i would think that they would give you a typing test. on average most typing tests are 25-35 wpm. you can do it. you can always call and ask.


by misslady81 - 6 years ago

They give the following tests; typing, grammar, reading comprehension, multi tasking, and a hair folicle test.


by thaphillips - 6 years ago