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    How can I find out if someone has a life insurance policy on me?

    I am trying to find out if an estranged relative has a policy on me that I don't know about. I don't want to go into to many details about it but this person would definitely have all of the necessary information to open a policy on me without my knowing about it. I don't want this person to benefit in any way. Is there anyway to do a search and find out if there is a policy out there. With so many companies, I wouldn't even know where to start!
    3 months ago 8 Answers

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    A life insurance policy can't be taken out on your life without your consent or your name being forged on the application. Some carriers allow for policies to be taken throgh the mail and this person could have forged your name. If this has been done recently there is a central database you can search it is call the Medical Information Bureau. For $75 they will conduct a policy search for you. http://www.mib.com/html/lost-life-insurance.html
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I ran across the attached article today. I didn't research the policy search service they mentioned, but I thought it would be one more source for you to use. I also attached an article I posted to my blog a while back on this subject. I hope this information helps.

      by Michael M - 4 hours ago

    • Yeah, well, they can't take the medical exam while showing your driver's license to prove he's you. Anyway. There's no central database. But you can contact these guys: http://www.mib.com/html/lost-life-insurance.html pay them $75, and give them proof of who you are, and they'll give you a list of all companies in the past ten years, who've received an application on your life. Then you can call each of those companies (if any) to see if there's an active policy on you.

      by mbrcatz - 4 hours ago

    • You saw the answers. . . .I just hope the site has info from many years back. -- I have wondered about myself.... --- When I feel sick and I call this person... Usually this person NEVER calls me; but when I mention that I am going to undergo detailed med exam due to me feeling horrible sick; then the person calls several times, until I respond . . .

      by youhuali - 4 hours ago

    • MIB (medical information bureau) can sometimes tell if someone has applied, but only if it was recently enough.

      by StephenWeinstein - 4 hours ago

    • There is no "central database." But a person must have an "insurable interest" to purchase life insurance on another. If you are an adult, it cannot be done without your concurrence.

      by bud68 - 4 hours ago

    • In order for someone to have a life insurance policy on you, that someone needs to know your full name, your current street address, your date of birth, your social security number, and your mother's maiden name - the same kind of information that a bank would ask you to provide when you open a bank account. There has been a criminal case in which two men employed sick and homeless people to work and live in their home, then obtained life insurance policies on them without their knowledge, and later murdered them for the insurance money. I understand your concern. I am really not an expert in this kind of situation. If I were you, I would talk to my auto insurance agent (who also sells life insurance policies) and ask him if there is someway that he can run a check on this.

      by Instantpainrelief2008 - 4 hours ago

    • Call a big insurance company like New York Life or find a local insurance company and run the question by them. Each state has different rules in regards to taking out a policy without someone knowing it. I do know if it is legal in your state to do so as long as the person pays the premiums you have no say so in the matter.

      by miko - 4 hours ago

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