Are lost wedding rings covered under homeowner's insurance or only stolen rings?

I have a rider on the ring for up to $2500 coverage with a $500 deductible.

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A homeowners policy has "covered perils"... for example: windstorm, fire, theft - so if your house burns and the rings were on the nightstand - it's covered

If you've just lost or mis-placed them a homeowners policy will NOT pay for them
If this is hypothetical and you're looking to the future of what MIGHT HAPPEN it's smart to put a Personal Articles Policy on the rings - it covers absolutely anything from losing them, stolen, stone falling out, mysterious disapperance.... and they're SO CHEAP you'll be shocked!
For $3000 coverage on jewelry (with NO deductible) is approximately $43/year or $3.58/month


6 years ago

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Lost ones are generally covered as well, but if you really want to be sure you should check with your insurance company. We have a $12,000 sub-policy on my wife's wedding ring, and if anything happened including loss or theft, we could claim it.

by Bob - 6 years ago

Some carriers are less technical than others, so if your policy says, lost or stolen, then its covered. You should read the fine print carefully or consult with your agent.

by anaise - 6 years ago

You should check with your insurance company, but I think only stolen jewelry will be covered, even with a rider. If you have a copy of the rider and/or policy handy read the details of your coverage. If they were going to cover it, the details in the policy would specifically state LOST or stolen. The "small print" in some policies could be hard to understand, that is why I suggest calling your insurance company to be sure.

by Toto - 6 years ago

If the 'rider' is an HO41 form, then yes, oops I lost it is a covered peril. But usually there isn't a deductible on that form.

So without seeing the policy, it's impossible to know for sure. You'll have to ask your agent.


by mbrcatz17 - 6 years ago