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    USPS Insurance Tracking Number?
    When entering the USPS insurance tracking through USPS, when will it usually show up in the system? will it show up if its delivered?
    4 months ago 2 Answers

    Best Answer

    If it's a TRACKING number, it will show up when it's first scanned. If it's DELIVERY CONFIRMATION number, it won't show up until it's delivered.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • An insured Label does not offer any tracking. You can not look it up at usps.com. Only your local PO can look it up on our Intranet. If you needed something to see online, you would need to add Delivery Confirmation, even though DC is not a tracking service, you can see delivery information at usps.com. Insured Mail is not a trackable service.

      by bulkmailtech_usps - 2 hours ago

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      by l j - 2 hours ago

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