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    I feel down a flight of stairs at work. Is this considered worker's comp?

    I wasn't seriously injured. i have scrapes and bruises and had x-rays done, but nothing was broken. Is this a worker's comp case?
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    It is a work comp injury whether you were on the clock or not, you were on the premises and fell. You need to report this to your employer ASAP or it could be denied for "lack of forthwith" reporting. It is a work comp claim if you were chatting with co workers. I have been a work comp adjuster for 18 years, this would be compensable
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • It all depends where you are at when working. Did you get hurt while you where on the clock? Was the stairs in your company control? For instance if you where walking down the stairs such as fire stairs that could be considered outside the premises of the employer. But if you fell down while at work and the stairs are in control of the employer than you would be covered as work comp. I suggest you file just in case.

      by A decent answer - a day ago

    • They'll pay for your medical bills and any lost time and yes, believe it or not - they normally pay for your clumsiness.

      by Insuranceman - a day ago

    • Yes it is I hope you turned it in to your employer right after it happened you just never know if problems will show up later from that fall and you need additional treatment... If you didn't, turn it in first chance you get...

      by Softballho - a day ago

    • If you were on the clock, in most states this would be a workers comp loss. It would pay for medical bills. There isn't any "pain and suffering" payment with workers comp, though, if that's what you're thinking about.

      by mbrcatz - a day ago

    • If you were on duty, then,yes.

      by Barry auh2o - a day ago

    • yes thet should pay the bill

      by candy - a day ago

    • If you were on the clock, on your way to clock in, or on your way out after clocking out it is worker's comp. If you were staying late off of the clock to talk to a friend or something then they do not have to foot the bill.

      by idctp_pcm - a day ago

    • depends - did you say ouch, ouch more than 2 times?

      by suze - a day ago

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