Best health insurance for young single people?

I'm looking for informaiton about health insurance for a single, young man...he is 27. Are there any affordable policies out there that may provide minimal coverage (annual well visit, a couple sick visits, one prescription, some emergency?)
He does have a full-time job, it's surprising that someone would assume that ALL jobs offer great benefits, mdeical, dental coverage etc....not the case!

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Since he is young and presumably healthy and is mainly protecting against major medical expenses, I recommend enrolling in a “qualified” High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). This is health insurance with high deductible amounts, so it costs less than traditional health insurance. Under federal law, the minimum deductible in a HDHP plan is $1,100 for an individual and the maximum is $5,500. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium.

The advantage of an HDHP is that he can shelter up to $2,850 a year from state and federal taxes in a Health Savings Account (HSA). Depending on his tax bracket and where he lives, that could save him as much as $2,971 in taxes per year, assuming a combined tax rate of 52.6%—9.3% in state income tax (California), 28% in federal income tax, and 15.3% in self-employment Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax. Another way of looking at it is that the HSA doubles his buying power, since he is using pre-tax dollars to pay for things. The contributions he makes to an HSA are his to keep, rolling over each year. The funds are not taxed, provided he uses them to pay medical expenses or withdraw them after age 65. The funds earn interest on a tax-deferred basis. Think of it as an IRA that he can use to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses.

To find a qualified plan, he should speak with a health insurance broker. A broker works with several insurers and can find the best plan, rates and coverage. To find a broker, log on to a website like and fill out a form requesting a free quote. Your information will be sent to a broker in your area who will contact you. Good luck!


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Possibly, but what would be best would be an HSA--high deductible plan with savings that are tax deferred for the day when he's not so healthy.

With cheap generic prescriptions, etc. his out of pocket should be pretty low. He needs PROTECTION if he gets hit with cancer, heart disease, a stroke, etc.

Try searching something like
for an HSA.

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Define affordable. The premiums and plans will vary by state but in my area a male age 27 can get a comprehensive $1000 deductible plan for $100 - $130 per month. A plan with minimal coverage will run $30 to $50.

You state one prescription. Depending on why he's taking that medication the insurance company may not cover it or may even decline to accept him. You'll want to visit a local independent agent that works with several companies to find the best plan for his situation and budget. There is no difference in plans or premiums if you use an agent.


by Zarnev - 6 years ago

OK, do you want MINIMAL coverage? Meaning, high deductibles, low cost? Or FULL coverage, meaning they cover the well visits and sick visits with just a copay??

If he's willing to pay the first $4,000 in medical bills out of pocket - including the well visits and sick visits, then he can probably find a policy for around $150 a month. If he doesn't want that deductible, it's GOING to cost $300 a month.


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I'm 55 Yearz old. I'm disable, I don't have Insurance at all. I'm single, I need insurance that's affordable for me. Can U Help Me Out.

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