Can I get My canceled Auto Insurance policy reinstated at the same rates i had before i got cancel?

I just recently switched my Insurance company from Farm Bureau to Geico cause Geico was alot Cheaper whoever with Farm bureau I only paid every six months and have done that for like 5 years and Geico wanted me to pay every month so I forgot about paying it this month because I am not used to paying monthly. so will GEICO let me reinstate my Policy with the same Rates? Any help would be awesome.

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it usually depends on how long you have been without coverage, and if your driving record has changed. You need to get on the phone with Geico, speak with a real person and explain that you're not used to paying this on a monthly basis. They can set you up on a 6 month payment plan. But if your coverage hasn't been down long and your record is unchanged the rates should be the same

6 years ago

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Ask GEICO, not here.

by engineer50 - 6 years ago

they will probably charge you a higher rate, but they will let you re-instate.

by s and d e - 6 years ago

You can probably reinstate the policy however you also need to check with the DMV that you do not have too much of a lapse in coverage; have they sent a letter to that effect?

It is impossible to know if the rate will be the same with GEICO. Some insurance companies give a discount if there is a full six months of prior coverage.

You didn't state how long the lapse was, etc.

by dbrody4 - 6 years ago

Likely they aren't going to reinstate you at all - you'll have to reapply. Depending on how long the lapse was, you really could be looking at a serious increase in coverage.

GEICO is the only one who can tell you for sure. If you had an agent, you could ask the agent to pull strings to try to make it happen - but with Geico, you ARE your agent, and you don't have any "pull". Sorry.


by mbrcatz17 - 6 years ago

depends on how long of a lapse you've had. most likely they can reinstate you under the same policy if its been less than 30 days. call them and ask.


by Queen B - 6 years ago

Personally, I think you made a mistake by switching from a Farm Bureau company. You'll never deal with a more ethically-driven insurance company than with them. People are usually happy with the money they saved until they file a claim.

As for your question, only GEICO can answer it correctly.

by Bethany M - 6 years ago