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    how much does workmans comp. coverage cost a small business?

    If i wanted to start a small (rental property) cleaning business with only 3 employees, how much would workmans comp coverage cost me and what are the laws with providing health insurance for my employees?
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    Workers compensation premiums vary by state but the rates will not be unreasonable for your type of business. Final premium will be based on your total payroll so you want to be sure to include that cost when you are calculating proposals for jobs. Check with the agent that will be writing your general liability insurance he/she will be able to give you a rate per hundred of payroll. Unlike workers compensation there is no legal obligation to provide health insurance for your employees.
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    Other Answers

    • contact a broker, ask about class codes 9096, 9008 or 9015.. Your probably around $1,500 depening on what state u r from... U dont need to provide health.... Not mandatory

      by j b - 3 hours ago

    • It's based on payroll, and class, with a minimum premium. You are not required to provide ANY health insurance. Workers comp for janitorial class costs 15% of your payroll, subject to a $1700 minimum premium, subject to audit at the end of the year. General liability is going to run you another $2,000. Varies by state, of course, so you'll have to get REAL quotes from a local agent.

      by mbrcatz - 3 hours ago

    • It depends on many things including what state you are in and your industry SIC code. Contact a commercial insurance broker for more details.

      by kj566 - 3 hours ago

    • It depends on your payroll, and the class codes under which you operate. I don't know about having to provide health insuarance for your employees, but the workers comp cannot be determined until you know the payroll and the rates.

      by INS CSR-L.A. County - 3 hours ago

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