do you have to report a car accident settlement to disabillity, ssi?

i was in a car accident and am getting a little settlement, i was wondering since it is non taxable do i report this to disability, ssi? thanks!

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by iuoma - 6 years ago

I do not believe you must report this.

by Zeltar - 6 years ago

No not a car accident, but if you went to Vegas and hit the jackpot more than 1000.01 then you have to report it.

by Genius @ work - 6 years ago


by sugar - 6 years ago

Yes , although I do not know if or how this will affect you ; check with others who could give professional advice to be sure .

by HOPLITE2501 - 6 years ago

You don't have the right to be paid twice for the same thing. Disability only coverage your wages and for a specific time. You settlement covers wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. Your company that has paid for your disability would be entitled to money paid back or you would be double indemnified. You may to give up some of your settlement but by no means the whole thing depending on how it was broken down. Good Luck. Talk to your agent or company that covers your Disability

by Steve S - 6 years ago

If the accident settlement includes lost past, current, or future wages for which you have or will be receiving disability or SSDI benefits, yes.

If not, no.


by mbrcatz17 - 6 years ago

SSI is a supplementary income. There are specific requirements to reporting income. If you don't report this, and they find out about it, you could be subject to fines, or worse.

by INS CSR-L.A. County - 6 years ago