Car insurance that pays for your injuries when you're in an accident in your car is?

A. comprehensive
B. liability
C. medical
D. collision

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c. Medical

But could also be B if you are the passenger and the driver of your car is at fault.

6 years ago

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by Avani - 6 years ago

c medical.
is the only answer that covers you in your car if you are at fault

by Steve S - 6 years ago

If you are in your own car and have comprehensive auto insurance that means you have all three coverages: collision, liability and medical. If you have a car accident and you are at fault or the driver who is at fault is uninsured and you are injured, your car insurance is going to pay your medical bills. Your medical insurance policy (if you have one) is not going to pay medical claims incurred during an auto accident.

Read the exclusions section of any health insurance policy and there is a section related to claims that are eligible to be paid under another policy. That relates to auto accident claims as well as claims that might be paid by another health insurance policy.

If the auto accident isn't your fault, and the person at fault has comprehensive auto insurance, then that person's auto insurance is going to pay your medical bills.

So, if this is a question pulled from a test without any other details the correct answer is A.


by Anne R - 6 years ago

For your injuries C. medical.

If others are in your car they could be paid by B. liability or C. medical.

by David M - 6 years ago

E. expensive

by Centaur - 6 years ago