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    Is there a way to find out if someone has taken a life insurance policy out on me. I believe my husband has ta

    Is there a way to find out if someone has taken a life insurance policy out on me. I believe my husband has taken a policy out on me without my knowledge. Optional Information: Santa Clara, Utah
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    The only way your husband can take out a policy on you without your knowledge is to have a female pose as you to sign the application. In addition depending on the limit purchased he would also have to have the female pose as you (with fraudulent id) to pass a para-med exam (i.e. an examiner comes in to ask follow up questions, check your weight, get urine, sometimes blood work and or other types tests depending on underwriting requirements with regards to applicants, age, health, etc.). Basically the bigger the policy the more complex the exam. A small $50,000 policy for someone under 30 might not require an exam only a follow up phone questionnaire which someone could easily fake if they were up to no good. If you want to double check if an application has been taken out you can contact the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). For a fee of $75 they will be able to provide information on any life insurance application done on your life within the past 11 years (this is the only type of centralized database available). You can check this out on their website which is http://www.mib.com/ If you do find an application on file, you will then have to check directly with the company to see if the policy was issued and who the owner of the policy is, verify the signature, etc. You will then have to let them know that you did not authorize it and further get in touch with the insurance department in your state and probably the state prosecutors office to tip them off about this fraud. I sincerely hope that that will not be the case. Good Luck
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    Other Answers

    • He would have to have you sign an application to have a life insurance policy on you.

      by Jen - 13 hours ago

    • It is ILLEGAL for an individual to take a life insurance policy out on SOMEONE ELSE without their signature. That is a law that has been in effect for quite a number of years. If you believe your husband has and has forged your signature, then contact the insurance company and they are required to disclose it to you.

      by Expert Realtor - 13 hours ago

    • the life assured must sign the application and witnessed by an agent. did u sign any form??

      by Insurance - 13 hours ago

    • Whoa. Look for the noose under the pillow.

      by LabRat - 13 hours ago

    • OK, he can't take a policy out on you without your signature. There is no central database that you can look up. HOWEVER. If you go here, you can pay them $75, and they will tell you if any APPLICATIONS have been submitted, and to which companies, in the past 10 years. http://www.mib.com/html/lost-life-insurance.html There's no free place, and your husband didn't do this, but you want the peace of mind/proof, pay the money and search under your name. Then you can call each of the companies and ask them, IF there are any results.

      by mbrcatz - 13 hours ago

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