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    Getting paid cash under the table?

    My 18 year old son just took a job as a painter/maintenance man that pays him $15 under the table working for a guy who owns quite a bit of property. I feel very leary of this. Not to mention the kid needs medical insurance. The police station called today and offered him an interview for dog catcher but he turned it down. What do you think?
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    I think he is crazy. A government job with pension & benefits, vs a cash job where the money ends if he gets hurt. He will regret his decision when he is forty. Now, is his job really "under the table"? Is he paid in cash? or check? Checks are traceable and his boss could end up issuing a 1099 at year end, then your son would HAVE to pay his 15.3% social security PLUS state and federal income taxes, as he would be considered self employed. Plus, without declared income he can't get a loan, or an apartment and legally he is still obligated to pay the IRS. I feel for you as most 18 year olds think they know everything and they often don't find out they don't until it is too late.
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    • He may need a vocational assessment to get him going in a better career path. Start at the local college.

      by anaise - 2 hours ago

    • Well, people get paid under the table all the time. That does not make it right, or even legal. Tell your son if he gets injured on the job and can not work, he will get next to nothing from Workers Compensation because he does not have any proof of the amount of money he made. $15 an hour tax free is a great deal until something goes wrong. I'm sure there are other painting companies that are looking for employees and are willing to do things the right way. Just don't tell him he HAS to, because he will do the opposite lol! Good luck!

      by Jason S - 2 hours ago

    • Hello I would say good for him when I was eighteen I had an under the table job in my families cabinet shop and the worst decision I ever made was to try and grow up and get a real job which I got injured at and has now had me out of work stuck in the system with no pay for 2 and a half years I say staying out of the system is the best thing you can do you will be far happier that way and just because you have medical doesn't mean they will pay.They have tried everything to not pay me even claiming fraud when the doctors say I cannot go back to work you would think after 2 surgeries on my face and shoulder surgery tons of mental and physical rehab they would have no case but they are trying.So tell your son to stick with it as long as he's happy cuz once he does change jobs he won't be not to mention taxes and how they take money straight out of your pay for the benefits.

      by dolphinfan - 2 hours ago

    • This is bad, bad, bad! If he gets injured on the job, there will be no workman's comp. If he loses his job, there's no unemployment. And, obviously, there are absolutely no benefits of any kind to protect him. Just because your son doesn't want to pay income taxes, he is going to get the short end of the stick. The employer gets off scott free without having to pay employment taxes--which ultimately would benefit your son under certain conditions--unemployment insurance, medical or any other benefits. It's unfortunate your son turned down the dog-catcher job but maybe he just didn't like the nature of the work. I suggest he keep looking. I'll bet there are other property owners out there who would love to have a maintenance man and would be willing to pay him on the up and up. Anyone who would cheat the government in his business, wouldn't think twice about cheating his employees.

      by Yo' Mama - 2 hours ago

    • I think he's nuts to turn down the dog catcher job. Regular pay, decent benefits, AND, it's legal. People who work under the table usually end up regretting it - either by having injuries they cant' get covered, or no benefits, or some such. Employers that are willing to screw the government by hiring under the table, are usually ALSO the kind willing to screw the under the table employee. Then the employee starts squawking about things not being "fair" and not having any place to turn to . . . well, they EARNED it!!

      by mbrcatz - 2 hours ago

    • I doubt your son would be getting any benefits even if he was paid above the table. If he gets laid off he will not be eligible for unemployment benefits either. You don't say why he turned down the interview for dog catcher but sooner or later he will be let go by this property owner or he may find a person willing to do the same work for less than $15/hr. This is not a career path with any future and the sooner he realizes this the better off he will be.

      by rogue - 2 hours ago

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