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    What is the best company to buy term life insurance?

    I'm trying to find a company to purchase term life insurance. I want a good brand and not some scam. Thanks to anyone that replies.
    8 days ago 8 Answers

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    Any company having solid financial ratings (I recommend AM Best A+ or higher) is fine, as long as you are certain you'll only need term. Keep in mind that as your life situation changes, term may not be the entire answer. You need to consult with a financial advisor to determine the best solutions to your current situation, while keeping options open for the future. The key here is to do a proper analysis, and to ensure that the term you buy has adequate conversion options to secure your future insurability. The couple of bucks a month you'll save price-shopping term isn't worth risking your family's financial future.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Here's a list of some of the best term life insurance companies and their financial strength ratings from A.M. best. These companies offer quality term life insurance at affordable rates. Top Term Life Insurance Companies HSBC - A+ rated by A.M. Best - Buy up to $250,000 Term Life Insurance Online in Minutes with No Medical Exam. New York Life - A++ rated Nationwide - A+ rated Globe Life Insurance Company - A+ rated Allstate - A+ rated Prudential Life Insurance - A+ rated Liberty Mutual - A rated Farmers - A rated State Farm - A++ rated AAA Life Insurance - A- rated Metropolitan (MetLife) - A+ rated Northwestern Mutual - A++ rated AIG - A++ rated Liberty National - A+ rated Mutual of Omaha - A rated Country Insurance - A+ rated MEGA Health and Life - A- rated American Family - A+ rated RBC Insurance - A rated I hope that helps! Best of luck to you. P.S. - You can visit the link below to learn more and request a free quote.

      by Hadley - 4 hours ago

    • Compare insuran ce quotes

      by ? - 4 hours ago

    • You can save on your insurance by compare quotes at FREETOINSURE.INFO- RE What is the best company to buy term life insurance? I'm trying to find a company to purchase term life insurance. I want a good brand and not some scam. Thanks to anyone that replies.

      by Inger - 4 hours ago

    • "Hi, I found the site ""Life Insurance Check"" that displays all insurance companies which offer term life insurances. This helped me a lot to find fast and easy the best fitting term life insurance for me. I am sure you find your solution as well here: http://TermLifeInsurance.life-insurance-check.com You can use the search box in case the information you need are not displayed right away. Take care and good luck with your research! Ignacio "

      by Ignacio - 4 hours ago

    • The best company is the one with the best product at the best price. Use the Internet to find the lowest rate on quality life insurance. QualityTermLife provides a website that offers term life insurance quotes from over 50 companies. Learn about, estimate, and price life insurance to prepare yourself, before you ever speak to an agent. Customers report that by comparing prices they can save up to 70% on the price of life insurance. http://www.qualitytermlife.com

      by Hifi - 4 hours ago

    • There are a number of ways in which to evaluate the financial strength, performance, and integrity of a life insurance company. I suggest that you require the life insurance company that you purchase a policy from to have a rating of A, A+, or A++ by A. M. Best, the country's most recognized insurance company rating organization. These letter grade ratings are not warranties of an insurer's current or future ability to meet its contractual obligation, but rather opinions based on the available facts about each life insurance company.

      by Byron Udell - 4 hours ago

    • That's awesome to hear that you want to buy Term Insurance. I would try Primerica along with your other choices just to keep your options open. Primerica is a part of Citibank, Citifinancial, Citigroup, Smith Barney and Banamex. With all of these subsudary companies, wouldn't you trust a company with that kind of status?

      by jlvanderwerff - 4 hours ago

    • MAA(malaysia assurance alliance) which is malaysia insurance company and offer a great insurance to you,,one of the term life insurance name Teras Malaysia which really cheap and pretection and coverage is really big,,examples i buy this insurance for MYR 98.75 for sum insured MYR 100,000,,,if i die for accident then my mother will get MYR 200,000,, and if i die natural,,then my mum will get MYR100,000... this is really big coverage in malaysia,,and also u can get back the money u put.. MYR 98.75 for 30 years..after 30 years i get back MYR35,550 ..its really unbelieveable right?

      by cincai1234 - 4 hours ago

    • Contact a local, independent agent to get 5-10 quotes IN YOUR AREA. Not all companies write insurance in all states. As long as your carrier is A rated, it's going to be pretty good. Going with a local agent, well, it's much harder to get appointed, if you're a local agent, so you know there's some credibility behind it. On the internet, who knows who you're getting?

      by mbrcatz - 4 hours ago

    • Hi its nice to see that u r really intresting in insurance so i u go for brand the trustable name is LIC of India and i am an indurance cunsultant in it. If u need to get some help or kind of business please contact without hesitation my email add. is sum_cancerian@yahoo.com

      by meet - 4 hours ago

    • The only life insurance company I have ever heard negatives about is Primeamerica's techniques. Strange. All the other companies are the same. Got to a life ins site and request quotes and take the lowest.

      by The Rabbi - 4 hours ago

    • I have Primerica term insurance. My adult children now do too. It's cheap and cheerful and the agent is a great guy. Take care that you only buy what you need. Since your responsibilities decrease as you age (your mortgage gets paid down and your kids leave home), likely your insurance needs should, too. Primerica used to (and may still very well do) market a product where the coverage started out high and decreased over time. As a result the premiums also decreased over time. Because of our age, we didn't get that package, but our children have since they are starting out in life. The amount of income that would be needed to support a family is quite high should there be one less income earner.

      by Judith S - 4 hours ago

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