Government Insurance Refund Processor is this a scam?

Duties are, receiving, screening, and processing FHA refund notices

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I got one of these things in the mail too, and searching on the web, the actual website for government HUD says this is a scam. Check it out:

7 years ago

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What is the name of the company? There are a bunch of scams out there so be very weary of it.

Read the weblink below on some of the scams.


by Faye H - 7 years ago

Sounds like scam to me.

by deep5223 - 7 years ago

check out - consumer resource center. all kinds of scam info there, there's also a forum where u can keep up to date on current and future scams. And if u have any questions just post it in the forum and somebody out there should help u. Best of all it's FREE 2 join, just register at the top it'll be worth it for u to keep up 2 date on scams/fraud. Hope this helps.

by MichiganSportsForum - 7 years ago

Did you find anything out about the company? I just received the same thing in the mail today. Called the 800 number for only $49 you can make up to $37,532 sounds like a scam to me...

by bagrok - 7 years ago