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    How will getting married to an ill person for ins., with lrg. medical bills, effect me if the worse happens?

    My boyfriend whom I love very much, is ill. He does not have insurance or a job. We live in Texas, so we could very easily be common law married. If something were to happen to him, will I end up having to pay his medical bills? Will this effect the disability he is receiving from the US government?
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    Texas is a community property state. If you marry him, you are just as responsible for any medical bills he incurrs after you're married, as he is. That means, if he dies, the creditors can still come after YOU for HIS medical bills. So yes, if something happens to him you would end up having to pay his medical bills. Marriage does NOT affect disability payments.
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    • As his spouse, you will become responsible for all of his medical expenses. This is a big reason why many older couples get divorced (even though they are still together), in order to protect the healthy, living spouse. If he is on disability and is this sick, he can probably get Medicaid which will cover a lot of his medical expenses.

      by duoak - 2 hours ago

    • Any time you are married you take on their bills and are responsible for them. If you work and have insurance you probably can add him to your insurance plan but it will have an effect on the benefits he has now. This is something you might want to check into before you get married to make sure his benefits aren't lost. If he is receiving SSI he will probably lose that check because that is paid by the state and is only a supplement check given to people who have no other way to get the extra help they need because they cannot work and their social security checks are not very big. There is a lot to lose and you really should check into these things if the two of you are considering marriage. Good Luck.

      by devilgal031948 - 2 hours ago

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