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    workmans comp insurance?

    if i'm starting a company in california do i need to get workmans comp insurance if i only have 1 employee? they will be working full time out of my home answering phones.
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    If you have employee's you need workers compensation insurance, if not jail, fines, etc. You don't need workers compensation on yourself, although it's something to consider. Rates will vary among companies and the State also writes coverage, rates are based on occupation, clerical rates are in the area of 1-2% of wages, while roofers are more like 30% of wages.
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    • Yes, you do. All employees must be covered. You are subject to major fines if you don't have it, AND, are fully responsible for all lost wages & medical payments, regardless of whether or not you carry it. Keep in mind, your HOMEOWNERS policy won't cover any of this; and if they find out you've got a full time employee working out of your home, they'll probably cancel the policy.

      by mbrcatz - 3 minutes ago

    • May I suggest hiring that individual as an "outside contractor"? You save yourself so much time and hassle (i.e. no workmans comp ins. needed). You are just starting out, you do not need the hassle of having an actual employee and all the costs that are associated with it.

      by Eric - 3 minutes ago

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