can rent a center garnish wages for none payment?

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They have to sue and win the judgment. With a judgment, they can garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and lien personal property.


3 years ago

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Anyone you owe money to can do that. It's a process but it can and will be done.

by DaBrat - 3 years ago

They can if they sue you, but if the amount you owe is not a large amount they likely won't go that route. What they are more likely to do is send the file to a Collection Agency, which will impact your credit score. Your credit score is a big factor in future applications for credit, and is also a factor in the interest rate that you pay on future credit. Not sure what is causing your inability to make the payments, but you may find your best option is to contact them and try and work something out.


by totrev76 - 3 years ago