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    Does FedEx give drug tests the day they hire you? Can i clear my system in 4 hours??!?

    im 19 203 pounds 6'1. fedex is having this thing in the morning..were they hire the first 50 applicants like on the spot ive heard. I heard the application process is 3 hours long...what are the chances that if im hired or not they will make me take a drug test during the application process today??it just seems kind of wierd if they did. ive smoke atleast a blunt or a half everday for 5 weeks..is there anyway i can have my system clean in what..5 hours!!???ive been drinking somewhat of alot of water..how much water should i drink or what help me
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    you can pass by drinking just water i pass them all the time have never failed one yet i take them for d.o.t. if you know when you will have to drop you need two and a half hour window drink quart and a half in an hour once you start peeing you will need to be by a bathroom cause you will go every fifteen min. the trick is timing hopefully you can get paperwork out of the way before you have to go usually the pre-employment test is the easiest cause unlike a random you can prepare and make sure you have pee'd at least three times before you give sample
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    • Does anyone here know what a drugs test is for? Let me tell you. So that the company the person might work for can actually continue to stay in business. I hope you clean your life up also if you do happen to pass the test.

      by Raghu - 12 hours ago

    • no way you can have your system cleared that fast it takes between 1-3 months to clear your system of THC and most of those system cleaners dont work so its a waste of cash just hope they dont drug test you, or get a clean persons urine

      by Tristan - 12 hours ago

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