My bank won't let me cash a check?

They say because I'm a minor and my brother is the signer on the account, I can't cash a check because "my account is not set up that way." MY social security number is on they account, and previously, they had no problem letting me cash checks. I also think that they made me sign the papers. I'm 13, going on 14, and my bank is US Bank.

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First note im not a pro at this kind of thing.
Not to exclude the face that I to faced something like this so i give some advice to you neighbor!

If he " your brother " is the core signer of the account then in all means he owns the account.
You would have to have him with you BUT There is no point and well you do know the rest :D

, I can see why they're not letting you cash your checks let alone withdrawal money. This is common and it will happen due to privacy and security reasons. most banks now days require some sort of Identification with a picture ID proving your ID and typically you'll get one of those when you are 18.

I don't think you ever mentioned the age of your bother so that might help everyone out a litte

Being as young as you are really doesn't help to much and don't get me wrong because im not trying to be obscene and or mean i swear .

3 years ago

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Its because all our money now belongs to China...

by The Norwegian Hammer - 3 years ago

If you had no problem before, speak to a manager


by stan c - 3 years ago

Since you are a minor, you need whomever the adult is on the account to be with you to cash your checks.

Why you think you can get around this is beyond me. Just because they may have done this before means nothing NOW. NOW they are not letting you cash your check.

That is a real answer.. LOL

by Use Your Noodle - 3 years ago